Benefits of Living on Campus

Through the years of my teaching career, I’ve encountered many foreign students who were staying in school dormitories. There were those who were unable to make a well-informed decision and they just stayed outside the campus. I came across this article and thought it would be helpful to those who are considering to live on […]

Foreign Students and Budgeting Tips

I recently came across this article about foreign students in the UK, and it made me realize how many students nowadays are becoming geographically mobile.This article talks about the reasons why many students are heading towards the schools in the United Kingdom. Check this out: International students in the UK: who are they really? | […]

College Scholarship Opportunities Available

I personally find scholarship as one of the most interesting topics to discuss. Scholarships give students the opportunity for good education and to improve their lives. I found this article about scholarships available for high school students. Check it out: 10 College Scholarships for High School Sophomores My College Guide College Scholarships for High School […]

Benefits and Opportunities for Student Athletes

I’ve had many athlete students before and when I came across this article, I couldn’t help but remember them. I found it interesting that this article has pointed out some benefits of being an athlete student. Please have a look: High School Athletes Gain Lifetime Benefits – Association for Psychological Science Ask a group of […]